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Hong Kong: Carrie Lam To Face No Confidence Motion

  • Hong Kong’s Legislative Council's lawmaker to present a motion against Chief Executive Carrie Lam. Mar. 22, 2022.

    Hong Kong’s Legislative Council's lawmaker to present a motion against Chief Executive Carrie Lam. Mar. 22, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@AndyVermaut

Published 22 March 2022

Hong Kong's lawmaker launched a motion against Chief Executive Carrie Lam for no confidence.

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam is set to face a motion of no confidence by an opposition lawmaker in Hong Kong's Legislative Council, in light of the government's backing off of COVID-19 restrictions amid a massive new outbreak of the deadly disease.  

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On Tuesday, Junius Ho Kwan-Yiu, a pro-mainland lawmaker representing the Election Committee constituency in the Legislative Council, appointed Lam's administration failed in responding properly to the new COVID-19 surge raging across the city. "We trust the [Hong Kong] government because we wholeheartedly trust the central government. But now you've told us things wouldn't be carried out according to what you had said … Tell us then, should we listen to you or not?" appointed Ho.

Lam's administration has announced several times stricter COVID-19 mandates, including lockdowns, creating uncertainty among the population as it all ends not going to plan, resulting in runs in supermarkets and other stores, which send wealthy residents abroad to escape quarantines. The South China Morning Post, no other diplomats supported Ho's proposal. Last Friday, the city's Department of Health indicated a record of over 1 million COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong since the pandemic began, reporting the most of them in the most recent fifth wave.

Just a day before, Lam's government presented a plan for easing Covid restrictions gradually, to be effective starting on April 1. Still, the diplomat stressed that it was a framework and not a firm plan. "I would advise that you need not draw any conclusion of what we are heading towards in the announcement that we have made today," she stated.

The Chief Executive has faced significant pressure for firmer lockdowns from the city's corporate sector, such as the Hong Kong Monetary Authority bank regulator, which according to Bloomberg, was pushing to halve quarantine times for travelers.

In a contradictory situation, in the Chinese mainland, the government has maintained strict control over corporate power and has directed a wide-ranging "Zero Covid" program. In a recent report published in Fortune, the residents in Shenzhen, who have recently faced a weeklong shutdown and a massive testing program for every resident, do not agree with what has been described as a "privileged" attitude of their Hong Kong neighbors.

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