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Guatemalan Farmers Demand Resignation of President Giammattei

  • Citizens protesting in Guatemala City, Sept. 21, 2022.

    Citizens protesting in Guatemala City, Sept. 21, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @lavoz502

Published 21 September 2022

They also demand that political persecution against judges who have prosecuted "white collar criminals" cease.

On Wednesday, thousands of Guatemalan farmers and students took to the streets of the capital city to protest corruption and demand the resignation of President Alejandro Giammattei and Attorney General Consuelo Porras.


Journalist Who Reported Guatemalan Police Brutality is Released

They arrived from the interior of the country despite the difficulties caused in the mobilization by the torrential rain that hit a large part of the Guatemalan territory during the last hours.

Farmers are gathering in various places before heading to the National Palace of Culture, which is the seat of government.

This massive social protest was organized by the Committee for Rural Development (CODECA), an organization that brings together more than 200,000 people in Guatemala.

Referring to what is happening on the northern access to Guatemala City, the tweet reads, "transit authorities confirm that three main lanes of Obelisco are blocked."

Farmers demand that the Giammattei administration stop persecuting lawyers and judges who have prosecuted "white collar criminals." They also call for the resignation of the lawmakers and government officials who have led the country "into bankruptcy."

CODECA leaders explained that the protest seeks to put an end to impunity, create a multinational State, and reject the high price of fuel.

The farmer organizations denounce that Attorney General Porras has co-opted officials in the three powers of the State to guarantee the impunity of the corrupt. In 2021, the United States took away Porras' visa, accusing her of obstructing justice in "high impact" cases.

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