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Gradual Recovery of Cuba's Power Generation Announced

  • Hurricane Ian

    Hurricane Ian

Published 27 September 2022

Cuba will gradually re-establish its electric power system between tonight and early tomorrow morning after the service was down due to failures in the links of entire distribution lines.

A note from the National Electric Union (UNE) stated that the National Electric System (SEN) has an exceptional condition of "0 electric generation", associated in part with the effects caused by the passage of hurricane Ian through the western region of the country, which also had a substantial impact on the central zone.

 Center of Hurricane Ian Leaves Cuba Through Puerto Esperanza

The failure occurred in the western, central and eastern links, and its reestablishment is a complex process that requires precision, said the text.

Previously, UNE's technical director, Lázaro Guerra, informed on national television about the emergency and explained that work is being done to gradually raise the microsystems in the country's generating plants and interconnect them with each other and with the SEN.

He said that the purpose is to feed the thermoelectric power plants as quickly as possible to re-interconnect the system and re-establish service.

He explained that in the case of the western portion, there is additional complexity since several distribution lines remain open due to the severe damages caused by the passage of hurricane Ian.

Ian crossed the province of Pinar del Río with category three on the Saffir-Simpson scale (out of five). It caused damages not yet quantified in the electric transmission networks, communications, housing, facilities and agriculture.

Although its center is far from Cuban territory, it maintains a strong influence in the west of the Caribbean country.

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