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Germany and Italy Agree on Common Action Plan

  • Italian PM Giorgia Meloni (L) & German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (R), Nov. 22, 2023.

    Italian PM Giorgia Meloni (L) & German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (R), Nov. 22, 2023. | Photo: X/ @Agenzia_Ansa

Published 22 November 2023

Meloni and Scholz confirmed that their countries will continue to guarantee assistance to Ukraine.

On Wednesday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni signed a common action plan in Berlin, covering economic and security issues.


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"We have agreed on a common action plan related to increasing competitiveness and promoting technologies, with investments to create jobs, ensuring energy supply, and defense policy," Scholz said.

Meloni stated that the plan represented a qualitative leap in the relationship between the two countries, which "have always been good and marked by mutual trust."

Regarding the European Union (EU), they referred to expansion plans, which, according to Scholz, will involve reforms not only in candidate countries but also in EU institutions.

Both politicians were asked about the reform plan for the Stability and Growth Pact and their differences on the matter. Both expressed hope for a synthesis.

"You are familiar with the positions. In Italy, we don't want to break the bank but pursue a serious budget policy while leaving room for future investments. Germany has always been concerned about debt reduction. We hope to reach a synthesis," Meloni said.

Scholz assured that progress has been made in negotiations among finance ministers and expressed confidence in reaching an agreement in the near future.

On the sidelines of a G20 virtual meeting, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin was also present, the Italian Prime Minister and the German Chancellor also addressed the issue of the Ukrainian conflict and outlined their common stance.

"Italy and Germany share a position: we reiterate our full support for Kiev's sovereignty and we will continue to guarantee 360-degree assistance to Kiev. The next conferences on reconstruction will take place in Italy and Germany," Meloni said, as reported by ANSA.

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