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Finland Set to Sign Defense Deal With Washington

  • Soldiers from Finland and the United States.

    Soldiers from Finland and the United States. | Photo: X/ @business

Published 15 December 2023

This European country is also closing crossing points at its land border with Russia once again.

On Thursday, Finland decided to sign the Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA) with the United States, which would allow the U.S. armed forces to use 15 of its military areas.


Polish Troops on Finnish Border Could Increase Tensions: Russia

The DCA would grant U.S. soldiers access to Finland's air force bases, naval bases, garrison areas, training areas, storage areas and Border Guard barracks.

This agreement would also enable the U.S. forces to preposition defense equipment, supplies and material in the territory of Finland, and would allow for the entry and movement of U.S. aircraft, vessels and vehicles.

In August 2022, Finland opened negotiations with the United States on a DCA. These were concluded in October 2023.

The government of Finland proposes to authorize Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen (or in his absence Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen) to sign the DCA on Dec. 18 in Washington D.C.

Since the DCA contains provisions of a legislative nature, it is subject to approval by Finland's Parliament. 

On Thursday, the Finnish government also said it is closing crossing points at its land border with Russia once again, from Friday evening until Jan. 14, 2024.

According to Interior Minister Mari Rantanen, the arrival of asylum seekers resumed immediately, and the phenomenon was accelerating. She said that the situation on the eastern border creates a national security risk.

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