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Experts Warn About the Current Pandemic Situation

  • The WHO recalled that the COVID-19 Pandemic has not ended. Apr. 18, 2022.

    The WHO recalled that the COVID-19 Pandemic has not ended. Apr. 18, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@WHO

Published 18 April 2022

WHO adverted about the current pandemic situation across the globe as cases surpass the 500-million threshold.

Last Wednesday, the World Health Organization issued a statement warning that the COVID-19 pandemic remains a "public health emergency of international concern" as cases continue to rise worldwide. The day after, the cases globally reported were over the 500-million threshold.

Eleventh Meeting of the IHR Emergency Committee on COVID-19

The organization said that some countries have decided while facing such circumstances to lift their anti-COVID mandates due to gloomy economic outlooks, a deficient policy of implementation, and general fatigue to strike the virus. The WHO explained that the pandemic is far from its end as the COVID-19 remains to spread worldwide.

In November last year, the Omicron strain was first found. As a result, the double the cases worldwide in less than six months, causing more than 1 million deaths, representing an equivalent of a medium-sized city population. The WHO added that the COVID-19 virus "continues to cause high levels of morbidity and mortality, particularly among vulnerable human populations."

The U.S has registered a death toll of about one million, with close to 80 million cases during the pandemic. According to the WHO data collected from the pandemic, India and Brazil are the next on the list, with a record of more than 43 million and 30 million cases registered.

The recent updates of infected people have dropped a tendency to decrease in new cases and deaths, registering more than 7 million cases and 22 000 deaths in the period of April 4-10, causing unbearable losses to numerous families. The Global organization called to interpret the trends carefully, as many countries have started to reconcile their testing strategies, resulting in lower numbers of tests performed and cases detected.

Although the Omicron strain presents lower severity, the WHO authorities warned about the massive increases of cases that have led to a higher number of hospitalizations and more significant pressure on healthcare systems.

The organization said that there are comparable or even high numbers in the death toll than in previous wages of the Pandemic.

Every nation shares the same only objective referring to the pandemic situation, which is to reach the contention of the pandemic and a significant reduction in risks and spread.


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