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Evo Morales Announces Benefits for Bolivians Living Abroad

  • Evo Morales was met by members of the Bolivian immigrant community in Argentina.

    Evo Morales was met by members of the Bolivian immigrant community in Argentina. | Photo: Twitter / @evoespueblo

Published 20 October 2018

Morales made the decision to addressed the concerns of Bolivian's residing in Argentina.

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced three new laws Friday that will benefit Bolivians living abroad, particularly in Argentina where over 350,000 Bolivians, the country's largest overseas population lives.

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During a visit to the Bolivian community in Buenos Aires in Argentina,  Morales announced a Permanent Registration Abroad Law, a Law of Registration of Dual Nationality Abroad and a programme to give citizens with Bolivian registered cars, who resided in other countries, the ability to access subsidized fuel.

“Your request for a Permanent Registration Abroad Law and the Law of Registration of Dual Nationality Abroad are guaranteed… and the most important thing you asked for, that when you visit Bolivia in a car with Argentine plates you can access the subsidized fuel," Morales said at an official event at the Buenos Aires consulate.

Morales explained that in the case of registration of dual nationality, Bolivians who need to go through that process will be able to go to the consulate to file the required papers. He also announced the country will soon have an infrastructure of its own for residents in Greater Buenos Aires, in the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires.

“I salute the demands that our brothers who reside here, in Argentina, present to us. I understand perfectly, there are other demands that are also being addressed, in another visit, for example, you requested sports fields and Isan we would only guarantee the land but we are willing to see how to give you the sports fields,” Morales said.

He also highlighted Bolivia's development during his governments and celebrated the country’s sustained economic growth.

“Surely you have heard information that last week international organizations related to financial issues said after visiting Bolivia that in 2018 we will again be number one South American country in terms of economic growth,” Morales said.

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