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  • Members of CAN Meet to Discuss Afro-Descendent Inclusion

    Members of CAN Meet to Discuss Afro-Descendent Inclusion | Photo: CAN.org

Published 10 October 2018

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru meet to further the integration process of Afro-descendents in the Andean region. 

Members of the Andean Community this week met to discuss public policies on the inclusion of Afro-descendent populations in the Andean region. 


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They also met to discuss the planning of joint-activities to be developed within the framework of the International Decade for Afro-descendents 2015-2024.

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru — all members of CAN — met in Lima to continue promoting participation of Afro-descendent peoples in the four countries, as well as integration. 

As part of this, the four nations have agreed to implement policies that will eradicate racism and discrimination in the Andean region, and work together to prepare the International Decade, whose slogan is "Recognition, justice, and development."

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