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Ecuador: President Moreno Expelled From Alianza Pais

  • Archival footage of then electoral candidate Lenin Moreno in 2017, at the Alianza País Party headquarters in Quito (Ecuador).

    Archival footage of then electoral candidate Lenin Moreno in 2017, at the Alianza País Party headquarters in Quito (Ecuador). | Photo: EFE/José Jácome

Published 4 March 2021

The ruling political organization of Ecuador, Alianza PAIS (AP), confirmed today the expulsion of the President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, and his dismissal as head of the movement.

The decision was made official in a Communiqué to the Country available in social networks. The Ethics Commission rejected a request for disaffiliation made by the president and established the aforementioned sanctions.


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The request occurred a day after Alianza PAIS (Patria Altiva Soberana) announced a disciplinary process against Moreno for failing to comply with the Government plan. He won the elections in 2017.

"By means of resolution, the Ethics Commission made known for approval of the National Directorate the infractions committed by the president of AP by abandoning the political leadership of the movement," the text indicates.

In this regard, it specifies that Moreno only attended formal sessions a couple of times in four years, failed to comply with the government plan, and illegitimately distributed power to representatives of other political parties, whose work agenda was not consistent with the popular commitment acquired at the time of his inauguration as head of state.

"The resolution expelling Moreno will be immediately notified to the complainant and the denounced, as well as to the National Electoral Council, so that, in accordance with article 342 of the Code of Democracy, it will erase the sanctioned militant from the records of AP", concludes the document.

Several members from the organization supported Alianza PAIS's decision criteria, starting with former presidential candidate Ximena Peña and her binomial partner and vice-presidential candidate Patricio Barriga.

"Lenín Moreno's decision is a response to the disciplinary process initiated by the organization through its Ethics Commission," considered Peña in a radio interview.

In his opinion, the movement's ruling is a vindication for the membership, who permanently advocated for the political organization to have a much more robust and forceful position against the president's actions.

He also warned that it is a clear sign of the effort of the movement to purify itself.

Barriga stated on Twitter: "It is a wound that will take time to heal, but we are healing it."


Lenin Moreno
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