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Ecuador Presents Security Plan for the August 20 Elections

  • Polling station in Ecuador. Aug. 17, 2023.

    Polling station in Ecuador. Aug. 17, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@teleSURtv

Published 16 August 2023

"...The Minister of Interior, Juan Zapata, detailed that the operation will involve more than 100,000 mobilized state officials..."

On Wednesday, the National Electoral Council (CNE), together with the National Police and the Ministry of Interior, announced the security plan for the elections of next Sunday, August 20.

President of Ecuador Denounced for Omission in Murder Case

The Minister of Interior, Juan Zapata, detailed that the operation will involve more than 100,000 mobilized state officials, including police, military and technical staff of the Integrated Security Service ECU 911.

During the press conference, the minister also pointed out that three command posts will be set up to monitor what happens in the precincts authorized to vote and in the provincial delegations.

Guaranteeing security and public order before, during and after the election day of August 20, 2023 is the mission of the Armed Forces, deploying 39,892 military personnel nationwide in 4,390 electoral precincts.

Likewise, Zapata also affirmed that 44 candidates requested security during the elections in view of the wave of violence unleashed prior to the elections, where several politicians have been murdered.

For his part, the general commander of the Police, Fausto Salinas, assured that they will have 4,888 automobiles, 4,800 mopeds, three armored cars, seven airplanes and the most advanced logistics.

The president of the CNE, Diana Atamaint, assured that pertinent measures have been taken to guarantee the security of candidates and voters in the complicated context of violence in the country.

As part of the process, Ecuadorian president Guillermo Lasso authorized the Armed Forces to take control of the sites enabled for voting from 21H00 (local time) this Wednesday.

CNE calls to the polls in response to violence

The head of the CNE, Atamaint, made a call to the citizens to go massively to the polls as the only way to combat the violence that is plaguing the country.

In a press conference, the official invited to vote as "the best way to fight violence, criminality, poverty, poor quality education, lack of health, electing the best governors".

NEWSLETTER |@FFAAECUADOR will guard the electoral precincts from this August 16. Find out the details about the joint efforts to protect the safety of citizens this August 20.

Ecuador will go to early elections after Lasso dissolved the National Assembly last May and called for the polls.

The South American nation has an electoral roll of 13.4 million people, both at home and abroad.

Next Sunday, Ecuadorians will elect the next president, vice-president, and the 137 members of the National Assembly. In addition, they will cast their vote for two popular consultations on oil and mining.

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