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Ecuador: Parliament Fails to Rule on Veto of Rape Abortion Law

  • Ecuador's National Assembly failed to override presidential veto of abortion bill. Apr. 15, 2022.

    Ecuador's National Assembly failed to override presidential veto of abortion bill. Apr. 15, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/LifeNewsHQ

Published 15 April 2022

On Thursday, Ecuador's National Assembly (NA) 's plenary session was suspended without any resolution regarding President Guillermo Lasso's veto of the Law on Abortion in Cases of Rape.

During the debate, parliamentarian Pierina Correa presented a motion to amend the presidential veto of the law, which received only 17 votes in favor, 73 against and 40 abstentions.

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For the motion of the Assemblywoman of the opposition bloc Union for Hope (UNES) to prosper, it was required to be supported by an absolute majority, namely 70 legislators. 

Afterward, the president of the NA, Guadalupe Llori, adjourned the session without allowing the debate to continue. 

The Parliament had until this Friday to pronounce itself on Lasso's veto to the law approved by the NA last March and which regulates the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in cases of rape in Ecuador. 

According to the legislative procedure, this norm will be published in the Official Gazette but incorporating the objections formulated by Lasso's government.

Among those modifications made by the Executive Branch to the regulation voted in Congress is that in cases of rape, abortion may be performed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and not up to 18 weeks as it was established for girls, adolescents, indigenous and rural women. In this respect, Lasso's government included that for this purpose, a complaint, a sworn statement, or a medical examination proving the sexual aggression must be presented.

Ecuadorian feminist groups have said that the Executive's objections impose impossible conditions for the victims to meet.

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