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Ecuador: Moreno Would Have Sent Ammunition to The Añez Regime

  • Interior Minister Eduardo del Castillo at a press conference, La Paz, Bolivia.

    Interior Minister Eduardo del Castillo at a press conference, La Paz, Bolivia. | Photo: Twitter/ @MindeGobierno

Published 11 June 2021

Former President Lenin Moreno lent the U.S.-backed government war ammunition and non-lethal equipment to fight social protests.

Bolivia's Interior Minister Eduardo del Castillo denounced that Ecuador's ex-President Lenin Moreno supported the consolidation of the 2019 coup d'etat against President Evo Morales.


Ecuador: Moreno Not To Return To Politics After Leaving Office

So far, local authorities have discovered that Moreno lent the Jeanine Añez regime 5,500 grenades and 2,949 missiles to fight social protests.

Bolivia`s Police commander Jhonny Aguilera said that this information is derived from statements of former officials related to the "Tear Gas" corruption case, which led to the imprisonment of ex-Interior Minister Arturo Murillo.

Investigations have not yet determined whether Ecuador's legal regulations allowed Moreno to send ammunition and military equipment to other countries.

In the next hours, Del Castillo is expected to announce more details of the military "loan" that the Ecuador`s right-wing president made to the Bolivian interim government (2019-2020).

During this period, popular organizations demanded a return to democracy through massive protests and roadblocks.

As a result of the Añez regime's police brutality, massacres were recorded in Senkata, Sacaba, Montero, and La Paz

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