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Ecuador: Moreno Not To Return To Politics After Leaving Office

  • President Lenin Moreno, Quito, Ecuador, March 2021.

    President Lenin Moreno, Quito, Ecuador, March 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 17 May 2021

His neoliberal policies and mismanagement of the pandemic have led the country into an unprecedented crisis.

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno on Sunday affirmed he will never return to politics once he leaves the presidency on May 24.


Guillermo Lasso Is Ecuador's President-Elect

"My days in politics are over. I will only resume talks to motivate the new government not to withdraw former presidents' lifetime pensions," Moreno said eight days before banker Guillermo Lasso replaces him as president.

"I will look for a way to live if Lasso withdraws the pension, which would be a reward for the corrupt and a condemnation for those who have not stolen in their years in office and are too old to get a new job," he said.

Moreno made a balance of his administration in a televised interview. "The problems in Ecuador did not arise during my government, but I inherited them from former President Rafael Correa," he claimed.

In recalling the past, however, he omitted to point out acts of corruption that would have happened when he was vice president (2007-2013) and during his current term (2017-2021).

In 2019, the Prosecutor's Office began investigating some of Moreno's relatives for using an alleged offshore company through which they received irregular deposits.

"Moreno has no morals to return to politics. His clumsy statements, erratic decisions, lack of ethics, neoliberal measures, and mismanagement of the pandemic have made him lose his popularity among the Ecuadorian people," journalist Edwin Ureña tweeted.

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