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EU Lawmakers Must Not Attack Cuba, French Organization Demands

  • People walk down a street, Havana, Cuba, April 7, 2021.

    People walk down a street, Havana, Cuba, April 7, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 9 June 2021

French activists called for the rejection of a legislative initiative that supports the U.S. strategy focused on unfounded accusations against Cuba.

France-Cuba Solidarity Association (FCSA) on Tuesday urged the French Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) not to be part of right-wing maneuvers to attack Cuba in that forum.


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The association released a statement that called on France`s MEPs to reject a draft point, presented at European Parliament (EP) by extreme right groups, accusing Cuba on human rights violations.

The Solidarity association pointed out that supporting the U.S. economic blockade against the Caribbean island would violate the human rights of Cuban people.

It also repudiated the extraterritorial nature of the blockade, and the effects that it has in European companies and banks, in particular those from France.

The motion accusing Cuba of human rights violations was presented by MEPs from Renovar Europa and European People's parties on Tuesday, 8 June.

This right-wing initiative supports the ongoing U.S. aggressions against Cuba, one of which is an economic blockade that has lasted over 60 years.

The maneuver is also aimed at affecting the political dialogue and cooperation agreement between Cuban and the European Union.

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