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Dominican Republic and Germany Stop Supporting Juan Guaido

  • Opposition leader Juan Guaido, Caracas, Venezuela.

    Opposition leader Juan Guaido, Caracas, Venezuela. | Photo: Twitter/ @venanalysis

Published 28 January 2021

Both governments decided to realign their policy towards Venezuela and uphold international law.

Germany's and Dominican Republic's Foreign Affairs Ministries on Wednesday informed that their countries stopped recognizing opposition politician Juan Guaido as Venezuela's "Interim President."


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German Foreign Affairs Ministry's spokesman Christofer Burger assured that the decision was recommended by the European Union (EU) Council of State (CoS). 

"The political situation in Venezuela has evolved for the better," he said when explaining his country's policy changes towards the Latin American nation.

Germany decided to "realign its agenda instead of continuing to support Guaido," Burger added as he recalled that supporting a failed "government" is contrary to international law.

Left-wing lawmakers urged the German government to demand the end of unilateral sanctions against the Venezuelan legitimate government led by President Nicolas Maduro.

"The attitude held towards Maduro's constitutional government was doomed to failure. The sanctions imposed by the EU and the U.S. against Venezuela are politically ineffective and socially devastating, and they must end," lawmaker Andrej Hunko reaffirmed.

On Wednesday, Dominican Republic's Foreign Affairs Minister Roberto Alvarez praised his German counterpart's decision while informing that his country also stopped supporting Guaido.

"We believe Maduro is the only one who can promote a solution to Venezuela's political situation, whether we like his government or not," Alvarez commented.

According to the minister, the Dominican Republic stopped recognizing Guaido on January 5, when the new Venezuelan National Assembly took office.

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