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Cuban Lawmakers Analyze the Family Code's Latest Version

  • A poster of the Family Code.

    A poster of the Family Code. | Photo: Twitter/ @embacuba_angola

Published 22 July 2022

This legal proposal was elaborated through a process in which 6.5 million citizens organized in 80,000 popular assemblies took part.

On Friday, members of the National Assembly began to debate the 25th version of the Family Code, which Cubans must approve or reject through a referendum in September.


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President Miguel Diaz-Canel and Army General Raul Castro were present at the working session held at the Havana Convention Center, where Justice Minister Oscar Silveira highlighted the participatory construction of a bill that seeks to guarantee rights for all types of families.

Among other things, this official highlighted that the Family Code was prepared through the contributions of 6.5 million citizens, that is, with the contributions of 76 percent of the people authorized to do so.

Nearly 80,000 popular assemblies formulated over than 335,000 proposals, 62 percent of which were favorable to the new code. In addition, the Cuban authorities carried out specialized consultations with 47 institutions.

The Justice Minister explained that 49 percent of the articles of the latest version of the Family Code were modified with respect to the existing statements in version 24.

Before beginning the examination of the Code, the lawmakers approved the accountability report presented by Attorney General Yamila Peña Ojeda.

During this day, it is also expected that the Cuban National Assembly will know the results of the inspection of the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

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