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Cuban Doctors in Bolivia Celebrate Latin American Medicine Day

  • Cuban doctors all around the world have saved innumerable lives and forwarded the mission of Fidel Castro.

    Cuban doctors all around the world have saved innumerable lives and forwarded the mission of Fidel Castro. | Photo: Reuters

Published 3 December 2018

Cuban doctors in Bolivia celebrated the Day of Latin American Medicine and remembers their 12 years of service. 

Bolivia’s Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) celebrated Monday the Day of Latin American Medicine and committed to extending their humanitarian work to the neediest.


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The doctors’ brigade is spread over the whole country over nine departments and serves the most vulnerable of populations with scant resources, and in remote places where access to healthcare is rare.

Cuban doctors provide surgical, imaging and rehabilitation as part of their medical services according to Dr. Juan Carlos Gonzalez, a specialist in internal medicine.  

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel also paid tribute to the Cuban doctors working around the world. He wrote, “Day of Latin American Medicine. Day of those who believe in the usefulness of virtue. Special day to celebrate the ideas of # Fidel that brought free medicine to the most remote and forgotten corners of the world # DiaMedicinaLA # SomosCuba ”

As part of the Operation Miracle Plan, which seeks to solve different pathologies of the citizens, at least 700 thousand ophthalmological surgeries were performed in August.

Representative of the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization in Bolivia, Fernando Leanes said that the Cuban doctors are materializing the dream of revolutionary leaders, Fidel Castro and Bolivar.

"When they see a child, a pregnant woman or an older adult, those professionals carry out the dream of Fidel and Bolívar, it is a posthumous tribute," he said.

Dr. Raiza Armiñan, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, pointed out that in addition to medicine, "we are in solidarity with their problems, their experiences, we touch the human part” and which contributes to their popularity in the country.

In 2006, Cuban health professions first arrived in Cuba to deal with disaster situations but soon spread their work. On Feb. 2 the brigade celebrated their 12th anniversary of working with Bolivian people.

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