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Cuba Starts Damage Assessment After Fire in Matanzas

  • Matanzas oil terminal

    Matanzas oil terminal | Photo: Giron

Published 10 August 2022

After this analysis, the recovery planning will begin, confirmed the Cuban Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, on his Twitter account.

On Twitter Marrero clarified that at this moment, water continues to be poured, by land and air, to cool the surface and to be able to start the search for the missing people.

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In another publication, he argued that there is total control and reduction of the smoke emission without danger to people.

He added that the fire had been controlled, and work was being done to extinguish small outbreaks.

Regarding the work that continues in the field, the leader said that "we continue in the fight."

The Revolutionary Armed Forces helicopters are working on eliminating the remaining outbreaks in the industrial zone of Matanzas. However, it will take time to put it out completely, explained the Cuban Fire Brigade authorities.

On Friday, August 5, lightning hit one of the facility's tanks in the capital of Matanzas, some 100 kilometers east of Havana.

This incident caused the collapse of four of the eight tanks with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters of oil each.

During these days of intense work, Cuba received solidarity support from several countries worldwide and specialists from Mexico and Venezuela with experience in fires of this magnitude.


Cuba Matanzas
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