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Cuba Demands Legal Measures Against Israel for Gaza Genocide

  • A victim of the Israeli bombings in Gaza, Feb, 2024.

    A victim of the Israeli bombings in Gaza, Feb, 2024. | Photo: X/ @RichardHardigan

Published 21 February 2024

It also accused the U.S. of complicity in Israel’s genocide at the International Court of Justice.

On Wednesday, during public hearings on the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, Cuba urged the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to pronounce itself in "clear, strong, and forceful legal terms."


US Vetoes UNSC Draft Resolution Demanding Cease-Fire in Gaza

"The advisory opinion should establish the legal consequences for Israel, other states, and the United Nations due to violations of norms regarding the use of force, self-determination of peoples, and human rights," stated Cuban Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Anayansi Rodriguez.

Recalling international law principles, she also emphasized that the United States is complicit in the genocide that Israeli occupying forces are committing against Palestinians, whom the Zionist State seeks to keep within an apartheid regime.

"All this with the complicity of the United States, which prevents the international community from acting to protect the Palestinians. The justifications for fighting terrorists and exercising the right to self-defense are deceitful when they are raised by the aggressors themselves."

Rodriguez demanded that ICJ addresses the status of Jerusalem in light of Israel's ongoing violations and mentions "the regrettable inaction of the United Nations," which is a direct consequence of the "abusive and irresponsible" exercise of the veto privilege that Washington has within the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

"Once the commission of genocide or crimes against humanity has been declared, there should be clear legal implications for all states that act in a manner that ignores or undermines the decision or opinion of the Court," Rodriguez said, stressing that the ICJ must "provide the peace and justice that the Palestinian people deserve."

She concluded by emphasizing that those responsible for the excessive use of force against innocent civilians in Gaza will not be able to evade justice forever.

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