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Colombian Left Starts Process To Elect Presidential Candidates

  • Gustavo Petro (L) and Francia Marquez (R), Colombia.

    Gustavo Petro (L) and Francia Marquez (R), Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @rcnmundo

Published 21 January 2022

"We will promote the transition from a male-dominated society to a democratic system that defends women, from two centuries of violence to an era of peace," Senator Petro stated. 

On Friday, Senator Gustavo Petro and environmental activist Francia Marquez announced that they will participate in the primary elections that the "Historic Pact” coalition will hold on March 13 to define its candidate for the presidency of Colombia.


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"We will promote the transition from an economy based on fossil fuels to a clean energy one, from a male-dominated society to a democratic system that defends women, from two centuries of violence to an era of peace," 61-year-old politician Petro vowed.

He also pointed out that the Colombian parliament is in the hands of corrupt politicians, who are in charge of promoting anti-grassroots laws that respond to the interests of the elite.

"This reality is inconceivable. Regardless of their political orientation, the mission of every lawmaker must be to represent the people," Petro stated and thanked former Brazilian Presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff for supporting his campaign. 

"Our candidacy is a historic event for Black peoples, Indigenous communities, women, LGBT citizens, and all oppressed and excluded persons," stated Marquez, whom the BBC outlet included in its list of the world’s 100 most inspiring and influential women in 2019.

She vowed that her government will have a dignified, fair, equitable, and egalitarian policy that prioritizes the citizens' well-being and eliminates the mismanagement of the anti-popular politicians who have governed Colombia.

So far, 13 politicians have registered as pre-candidates for the first-round elections. According to a voting intention poll conducted by the Strategic measurements firm, Petro is likely to win this process with 34,72 percent of the ballots.

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