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Colombia: Violence Displaces Over 280 Indigenous People

  • Shelter for displaced people at the Simon Bolivar school, Pueblo Rico, Colombia, March 5, 2021.

    Shelter for displaced people at the Simon Bolivar school, Pueblo Rico, Colombia, March 5, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @DefensoriaCol

Published 8 March 2021

Illegal groups threaten the life of at least 4,000 members of Indigenous communities.

The Ombudsman's Office reported the forced displacement of over 280 Indigenous people who are victims of the increasing violence in the Choco department in Colombia.


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The murder of an Indigenous guard on Feb. 17 by an illegal armed group triggered the displacement of 73 families to the urban area in the Pueblo Rico municipality.

These latest displacements are not the only ones that have affected the region. At least 178 indigenous people from Murindo, in the Antioquia department, abandoned their territory. 

The Ombudsman's Office also indicated that massive COVID-19 tests will be carried out to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus while warning about the risk of overcrowding as displaced Indigenous communities continue to arrive.

The meme reads, "An indigenous community from Turriquitado Alto moves to lower Turriquitado in the Murindo municipality. It is unfair, these peoples deserve to live in peace and dignity in their territories. Ivan Duque stop this dehumanization now!"

Antioquia's Governor Luis Suarez noted that illegal armed groups threaten the lives of at least 4,000 Indigenous citizens due to their fight to control the Uraba corridor, a strategic route for drug trafficking and illegal gold mining activities. 

Last week, Catholic Church representatives called on Colombia's President Ivan Duque to address the areas affected by violence in the Pacific region, urging for a humanitarian agreement to mitigate the pressing situation.

A recent report registered 29 events connected to forced displacement in the country where over 3,000 families were affected, and 10,850 people massively abandoned their homes.

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