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Colombia: Commons Party Proposes Hearing on the Armed Conflict

  • The signs read,

    The signs read, "Peace is the right of all Colombians, I also embrace the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP)", Colombia, 2019. | Photo: Twitter/ @Vallecaucano87

Published 5 March 2021

"We are obliged to put together the puzzle of the tragedy... to indicate who are the hidden accomplices," Rodrigo Londoño stressed.

The Commons Party (Comunes) President Rodrigo Londoño on Thursday requested Colombia's Truth Commission (CEV) President Francisco de Roux a public hearing to reveal information regarding the armed conflict.


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This request was also supported by the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) ex-chief Salvatore Mancuso who faces extradition from the U.S.

The hearing will aim to "make known as many truths as possible" about the internal conflict and should be attended by human rights organizations and media. 

"We are obliged to put together the puzzle of the tragedy, to establish its causes, to unveil all that is hidden, to indicate who are the hidden accomplices, and to seek definitive solutions to the violence," Londoño said.

Previously, Mancuso sent a letter to De Roux in which he expressed fears of attempts on his life if he were to be extradited to his country. He also mentioned that the Colombian State does not want the truths to be known to evade its responsibility.

"We have never seen almost the entire state apparatus politically and legally persecute a person, all because of how uncomfortable my truths have been and continue to be because they are trying to shut me up at any cost," Mancuso wrote.

The CEV is a temporary and extrajudicial mechanism emanating from the 2016 Peace Agreements. It must contribute to the clarification of the violations and infractions committed during the armed conflict.

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