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Colombia Translates Peace Deal into Six Indigenous Languages

  • Colombia's lead negotiators after signing a final peace deal

    Colombia's lead negotiators after signing a final peace deal | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 August 2016

Colombia celebrates the historic peace deal that will end more than 50 years of internal armed conflict.

Colombia’s Ministry of Culture of Colombia announced Friday it will hand out booklets of the current peace accord reached between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) translated into six different Indigenous languages.

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The Ministry said the objective of the move is to ensure that all Colombians have access to the content of the agreement.

"It's a learning material, so people understand the agreements made in Havana, translated into the native languages: Creole, ri palenge, iku, uitoto, namtrik, and nasa yuwe," the institution said in a statement.

Titled "What we have achieved in Havana," the booklet explains the content of the agreements including sections on agricultural policies, political participation for rebels, illicit drugs, and victims of the armed conflict.

According to the ministry, the initiative seeks to ensure "effective access to information contained in the agreements and the participation of different ethnic groups in Colombia in building a new country."

The final text of the peace agreement, reached after nearly four years of negotiations between the government of Juan Manuel Castro and the FARC, will now be put to a popular vote on October 2.

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To pass, 13 percent of registered voters—about 4.5 million people—need to vote “Yes” in the plebiscite.

The agreement could end Colombia's five decades long civil war that has killed over 220,000 victims and displaced some 6.3 million people, the second largest population of internally displaced peoples in the world after Syria.

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