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5 Key Points to the Colombian Peace Deal

  • Peace is on the horizon in Colombia.

    Peace is on the horizon in Colombia. | Photo: EFE

Published 24 August 2016

After Wednesday's historic announcements that negotiations have concluded in the Colombian peace process, here are the five key points that have been agreed on.

1. End of Violence

A bilateral cease-fire has been signed, which agreed that FARC guerrillas will hand in all weapons to the United Nations.

2. The Protection of Victims' Rights

There have been over 220,000 victims in Colombia's five-decade-long conflict, and over 6 million internally displaced. According to the agreement, a Peace Tribunal will be set up to ensure their right to justice, truth, and to ensure that the war is never repeated.

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This point is what has been referred to as transitional justice. According to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, “there will be no impunity.”

3. Land Restitution

Violence has been rife in the Colombian countryside. This point sets up a fund for land to be distributed to those displaced by the conflict.

4. Reintegration of FARC

For peace to be sustainable armed members of the FARC will be reintegrated into society, and their organization will become a political movement, which will participate in 2018 elections. Before non-voting representatives will be immediately incorporated into Colombia's House of Representatives.

5. Combating Narco-Trafficking

Both the government and the FARC have agreed to cooperate in efforts to eradicate drug trafficking, which has played a role in fueling the conflict.

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