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Colombia Records 101 Assassinations of Social Leaders So Far This Year

  • The sign reads,

    The sign reads, "We are not a military target, No more assassinated leaders.", Bogota, Colombia, Nov. 11, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 24 July 2021

Activist Jose Vianey was murdered in the "La Montañita" community in Caqueta, after being shot by unidentified gunmen. 

On Saturday, the Institute for Peace (INDEPAZ) confirmed the assassination of Jose Vianey, who became the social leader 101 murdered by irregular armed groups operating with impunity in Colombia.


In Latest Series of Colombia Protests, At Least 70 Arrested

Vianey was found dead in the "La Montañita" community in Caqueta, after being shot by unidentified gunmen. 

He was the local community Action Board's Attorney, where he supported rural workers' demands. 

Local authorities launched an investigation to determine the instigators and the motives behind the murder. Nevertheless, Vianney's neighbors explained that he was killed due to his fight against the illegal occupation of lands by criminal groups.

Illegal armed groups expelled farmers from their property to develop drugs productions and trafficking.

Social leaders and human rights defenders are the most affected by these assassinations, which take place amid a profound political crisis in the country.

President Ivan Duque decided not to hear social movements' demands for health assistance, economic support, and security. Instead, he started repressing them, causing over 70 deaths among the civilian population in recent protests. 

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