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Cold Snap Sets Low Temperature Records In Canada

  • A man shovels snow off a road, Canada.

    A man shovels snow off a road, Canada. | Photo: Twitter/ @CTVNews

Published 5 February 2023

In Moncton city, temperatures dropped to -28.1 C, which broke a 1917 cold weather record of -27.8 C.

On Saturday, a cold snap caused by an arctic air mass caused several temperature records to break in Canada and left about 25,000 citizens of the Atlantic provinces without electricity.


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“This is one of the coldest snaps we have seen in a long time," Environment Canada meteorologist Darin Borgel said, stressing that the persistent frigid temperatures and wind chill values are unprecedented.

In Moncton city, temperatures dropped to -28.1 C, which broke a 1917 cold weather record of -27.8 C. In New Brunswick province, the average temperature sensation was -40 C. Some parts of this province experienced winds that made the temperature feel like -50 C.

Emera energy company's former director Matt Drover explained that power outages occurred because frigid temperatures damaged equipment and trip protective devices.

“Power restoration work began on Saturday morning. Residents will have electricity restored by the end of the day,” he stressed.

Over the last week, the Gatineau, Kingston, and Ottawa municipalities have assisted homeless citizens. On Thursday, 2,319 people accessed Ottawa city's shelter system, according to Kale Brown, manager of homelessness programs and shelters in this city.

"Our network will continue to engage those individuals sleeping unsheltered. We will provide them with cold weather gear and carry them to emergency shelter facilities," Brown said, recalling that cold temperatures create an elevated health risk, such as frostbite and hypothermia.

“Cold snaps usually extend for days. This one, however, is expected to last for a short period,” Borgel insisted, stressing that temperatures start to rise in most areas on Sunday.

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