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China: Ukraine Conflict Shows US Hegemony Desire

  • Chinese FM Spokesperson said that the Ukraine conflict has shown the U.S. desire for hegemony. Apr. 12, 2022.

    Chinese FM Spokesperson said that the Ukraine conflict has shown the U.S. desire for hegemony. Apr. 12, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@@CGMeifangZhang+

Published 12 April 2022

Chinese Foreign Ministry said that due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, it had been revealed that the U.S. seeks hegemony.

On Tuesday, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine had been evidence of what the U.S. is willing to do to pursue hegemony and intimidation.

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The comments were made by Chinese spokesperson Zhao Lijian during a daily press briefing answering a question on a recent poll, where 90 percent of the Chinese netizens consider that the U.S. actions in light of the Ukraine issue are not fair and just, instead of representing hegemony and bullying. He said that the U.S.-led NATO had pushed the Russia-Ukraine tension to escalate, evidenced by the ins and outs of how the Ukraine crisis has developed into what it is today.

Zhao said that Washington has been adding pressure and heightening tensions, coercing other countries to choose sides, and creating a chilling effect of "friend or foe" instead of taking actions to ease the conflict. The spokesperson added that the U.S. media had spread disinformation to smear China and distorted China's responsible position of facilitating peace talks with the intention to blame, encouraging the confrontation, and attempting to take advantage of the situation, and looking for a breach of its plot to suppress China and Russia simultaneously.

Chinese FM spokesperson said that Washington is being consumed by its desire of withdrawing ideological lines when forming closed and exclusive cliques and stoking opposition and confrontation holding the Cold War mentality, with deep eagerness to prolong its hegemony and power politics. Under the pretext of democracy, freedom, and human rights, the White House prompted "color revolutions," creating regional confrontations and evens wages wars against other countries to cash in on instability for substantial economic interests and geopolitical advantage.

Zhao said that the U.S. also uses unilateral sanctions to engage in economic coercion with the only purpose of suppressing and containing other countries, severely affecting the stability of global industrial and supply chains. He said the country has a double standard in applying the rules of international law and international order, and the "rules-based order" which it promotes are the ones that suit its acolytes.

Meanwhile, peace and development have an overriding trend and gained overwhelming support; the hegemonic and bullying acts performed by the U.S. go against the trend of current times and spread an ever-stronger opposition from the international community, said Zhao.

The spokesperson called on Washington to deal with the international public opinion, including China's. He urged the country as well to quit its Cold War and zero-sum game mindset, its outdated thinking of seeking its absolute security at the expense of the security of other countries, and to act on the line of international fairness and justice.


Zhao Lijian
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