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China: Sanctions Against Russia Fail to Bring Peace to Ukraine

  • China's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dai Bing. May. 12, 2022.

    China's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dai Bing. May. 12, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Chinamission2un

Published 12 May 2022

A Chinese diplomat at the UN said that sanctions against Russia, far from bringing peace to Ukraine, will worsen the global food and energy crisis. 

At a meeting of the UN Security Council, China's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dai Bing said that in the current scenario of the conflict in Ukraine, joint efforts by Moscow and Kiev are necessary to mitigate humanitarian consequences.

West Triggers Global Insecurity With Sanctions on Russia

"We hope that Russia and Ukraine will continue to increase coordination on humanitarian issues and do everything possible to reduce the humanitarian consequences of the conflict," Dai Bing said.

At the meeting, the Chinese official also said that "sanctions will not ensure peace, they will only accelerate the spread of the food and fuel crisis," noting that "as a result, children worldwide will pay the highest price for this."

While expressing hope that Russia and Ukraine would redouble their efforts to alleviate the detrimental impact of the conflict on the security and stability of the world, the Chinese diplomat said: "We call on Russia and Ukraine to return to the path of negotiations and continue to create political conditions for the restoration of peace."

Sanctions against Russia for its military operation in Ukraine will not bring peace, but will lead to an energy, food and financial crisis in the world, said China's deputy permanent representative to the UN Dai Bing.

Last February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a demilitarization and denazification operation in Ukraine in response to a request for help by the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics leaders. 

Russia has said it had no plans to occupy Ukrainian territories, while Kiev, for its part, has claimed that the operation was completely unprovoked. The US and its European allies have responded by imposing a wide range of punitive sanctions against Russian businesses and the oil and gas industry and providing massive arms shipments to Ukraine to help the country wage war against Russia.


Dai Bing
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