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China Rejects NATO Claims on Beijing-Moscow Cooperation

  • Chinese FM spokesperson denies NATO claims on Russian - Chinese cooperation. Aug. 31, 2022.

    Chinese FM spokesperson denies NATO claims on Russian - Chinese cooperation. Aug. 31, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@ferozwala

Published 31 August 2022

On Wednesday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that NATO comments on China-Russia cooperation are signs of Cold War mentality.

Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said Wednesday during a news briefing that comments made by NATO regarding the cooperation between China and Russia in the Arctic, saying that it represents a "challenge," is clear proof that the bloc is still dwelling in the Cold War.

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"NATO falsely claimed that China-Russia cooperation poses a challenge to NATO's values and interests, which once again exposed NATO's attempt to export Cold War mentality," said the Chinese spokesperson. "Discard this dangerous thinking," he added, explaining that this could destabilize the entire world.

In this sense, the Chinese official highlighted that Beijing "respects the sovereignty" and jurisdiction of the Arctic states in this region, adding that the Asian nation has cooperated with various countries to promote regional development.

Last week, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced plans to deploy military presence in the Arctic, citing as a pretext that Russia and China pose a "strategic challenge." Stoltenberg said that the current effects of global warming had facilitated the shipping and extraction of natural resources in the region, something that NATO's Secretary General regarded could be exploited by "authoritarian regimes" like Russia and China.

Dmitry Peskov, for his part, answered the NATO head's claims assuring that the Russia-China cooperation in the region is only intended for development, posing no threat.


Zhao Lijian
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