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China Pledges Continued Support for Venezuela

  • Chinese Cargo Plane Arriving in Caracas

    Chinese Cargo Plane Arriving in Caracas | Photo: reuters

Published 11 April 2019

"China will continue its cooperation with Venezuela based on... mutual respect," UN Chinese representative Ma Zhaoxu said.

China's permanent representative to the United Nations, Ma Zhaoxu, pledged continued cooperation with Venezuela over the latest aggressions against the country by the United States.

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During the UN Security Council meeting, Ma Zhaoxu said, "China will continue its cooperation with Venezuela based on the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit for the greater well-being of the two peoples."

On March 29, China has sent emergency supplies to Venezuela. The first batch included around 65 tonnes of medicines and surgical supplies. Venezuela's Asian partner also reiterated their continued support and pledge to send more aid in the future. 

"China's assistance to Venezuela is in keeping with its long-held principles for foreign aid. It is intended to help Venezuelan people overcome negative impacts caused by external interferences and sanctions with no political conditions attached," said the Chinese ambassador.

Following aggressive economic sanctions by the United States against Venezuela, the U.S. administration has also followed up with threats against countries supporting the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro, including Russia and China. 

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