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US Containment: Iran Supports Venezuela

  • US Containment: Iran Supports Venezuela
Published 10 April 2019

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Mohsen Baharvand visited Venezuela to reinforce cooperation and strengthen alliances.

Russian and Chinese advisors are in Venezuela since last month and the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, visited Lebanese and Syrian authorities not long ago. Iran began test flights with the aim to set its first direct flights Tehran-Caracas.

Hypocrites Much? US Government to Assess Russian ‘Influence’ in Venezuela

Iran political representatives are traveling to Venezuela as part of a framework of political consultations, aimed among other things to counter the U.S. attempts to destabilize Venezuelan state. 

The discussions between the Iranian delegation and Venezuelan officials focused on ways to promote political and economic cooperation between the two countries. They also discussed modalities for Iran to lighten the U.S. containment policy in Venezuela and the world, a geopolitical strategy implemented during the Cold War by the United States to stop the growth of Soviet Union influence.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohsen Baharvand accompanied by a political delegation and members of the Iranian airline Mahan studied the possibility of implementing direct flights between Iran and Venezuela. 

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