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China Condemns US Attempt To Disrupt Beijing Olympics

  • Bijing Olympics to be held in 2022

    Bijing Olympics to be held in 2022 | Photo: Twetter/@2022_Beijing

Published 7 December 2021

On Monday, the current U.S Joe Biden administration confirmed it would not be sending any government officials to the Beijing Olympics. In response, the Chinese Foreign Minister declared the move a statement of ideological prejudice.

Jen Psaki, Press Secretary for the White House alleged as the reason for this diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, supposed crimes against humanity committed by Chinese authorities and abuses of human rights.


China Not to Invite US Politicians to Winter Olympics

The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated the United States is using Washington's ideological prejudice to disrupt the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, causing a diplomatic boycott. This event will only lead to the loss of moral credibility of U.S. authorities.

Zhao Lijian Foreign Ministry spokesman declared that Washington's decision to push for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics would affect cooperation and bilateral dialogues between the nations.

Beijing to respond with countermeasures to the diplomatic boycott by the U.S.

After the announcement of the United States' decision, China declared that given Coronavirus restrictions U.S officials were not invited to attend the Games.

It remains unclear if United States allies would join Washington's boycott, reports make reference to Australia and the United Kingdom as the ones who may follow U.S footsteps.

New Zealand based its decision on not sending any government officials to the Winter Games on COVID-19 issues.
The decision by Washington precedes months of calling on rights groups aligned with Washington's agenda and hints of a possible boycott of the Winter Games. 

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