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Chile’s Lawmakers Approve Impeachment of Interior Minister

  • Activists hold a banner, which reads:

    Activists hold a banner, which reads: "Chadwick Out" in Santiago for the murder and botched investigation of Camilo Catrillanca killed by Carabineros. | Photo: Reuters

Published 28 November 2019

Chadwick was absent during the vote and sent his apologies to the House’s President Iván Flores.

A special legislative commission in Chile’s House of Representatives has just declared on Thursday valid the accusations against the nation’s interior minister Andres Chadwick over his management of the recent protests and the police repression.

Chilean President Rejected by 84% of the Population

Chadwick is accused of having illegally declared the state of emergency when the protests started 42 days ago, and of being responsible for numerous human rights violations during the police repression that followed.

With 70 votes in favor of Chadwick’s defense, and 79 votes against, and one abstention, the procedure will now move forwards to the Senate to determine whether or not the minister will face a political trial.

Previously, Chadwick’s ethics as a Ministor of Interior has already been accused in July by the House of Representative of being responsible for the police killing of a 24-year-old Mapuche, Camilo Catrillanca who was gunned down while he was unarmed and driving a tractor in his home town of Ercilla on Nov. 14 last year.

However, conservative President Sebastian Piñera refused then to remove Chadwick from his responsibilities.

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