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Chilean Senate To Submit Approval to Reform Gun Law

  • People walk down a street in Santiago (Chile), in a file photograph.

    People walk down a street in Santiago (Chile), in a file photograph. | Photo: EFE/Elvis Gonzalez

Published 12 January 2022

The Chilean Senate will vote on the proposal to reform their Gun Law, an initiative that the Chamber had already approved, seeking to establish new regulations on using and possessing these objects within the nation.

The Prensa Latina portal reported that the senators would submit this bill for approval.

A mixed commission of both chambers drafted the report explaining the law changes, already outlined in 2017 but ignored.

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Meanwhile, the Minister of the Interior of the southern country, Rodrigo Delgado, pointed out that if the modifications are approved, it will be necessary to review the increase in penalties and the requirements for registering weapons, limiting the number per person establish mechanisms for better control.

He also highlighted the need to update the referential information on the types of weapons in circulation.

This legal reform prohibits the use of silencers, devices that convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons and the modification of blank or toy weapons for the use of lethal ammunition.

Finally, it establishes the increase of the penalty for handing out weapons to minors as a sentence. The penalties could range from three and a half to five years in prison.

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