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Chilean Scientists Call on President to Change COVID Strategy

  • Chilean President Sebastian Pinera addreses his country.

    Chilean President Sebastian Pinera addreses his country. | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 31 May 2020

Given the possibility of an impending health catastrophe in Chile, scientists from that country ask Piñera for a change of focus in the strategy to deal with Covid-19.

Chilean scientists and medical organizations asked President Sebastián Piñera to implement new strategies immediately to avoid a national catastrophe in Chile due to the spread of Covid-19.


Chile's COVID-19 Cases Surpass 90,000

In a petition signed by dozens of researchers and entities of the Health Guild, Piñera asked to urgently require preventive and non-reactive action. "This is also crucial for public health actions and for preparing a national humanitarian strategy."

The applicants recalled that the official figures, as of Saturday, May 30, 2020, alert us again: 997 deaths are registered, 94,858 total confirmed cases in the country, and about 4,000 new cases every day. 

"We have surpassed China in number of infections and exceeded the global average of world mortality with 46.3 deaths per million inhabitants, with no signs of slowing the outbreak," they said.

The Intensive Care Units are at 100 percent occupancy in Santiago, while, nationwide, the occupancy rate is 87 percent and is increasing, according to the daily report of the Chilean Society of Intensive Medicine (SOCHIMI) .

The document specified that a change in strategy is urgently needed, seeking to cut the chain of contagion and that includes massive and systematic testing, with a broad, comprehensive, intersectoral and interdisciplinary social approach, putting the protection and well-being of community.

"The international scientific evidence is clear: the basis of the confrontation must be a timely and active strategy in testing, detecting, searching for cases, reporting, tracing, isolating infections and following up on all of them," it added.

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