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Chile: 6 Military Police Detained for Sexual Abuse in Protests

  • A citizen holds a Chilean flag reading

    A citizen holds a Chilean flag reading "Wake up Chile. Dictatorship continues. It is called neoliberalism" in Santiago Chile Dec. 27 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 28 December 2019

The arrest warrant indicates that the six defendants constitute "a serious danger to society."

The 10th Guarantees Court of Santiago Friday issued preventive detention for six Military police accused of torturing and sexually abusing a young man during the curfew that President Sebastian Piñera ordered during the first days of the social outbreak in Chile.


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The six members of the Chilean security forces are "a serious danger to society," indicates the court order, which was publicly disseminated by the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH).

In the early hours of October 21, the medical student Josue Maureira was arrested at the front of a supermarket in which the population was looting.

After beating the young man until he was unconscious, the police took him to the police station of the Pedro Aguirre Cerda municipality in Santiago.

Over there, due to Maureira's sexual orientation, the officers raped him using a club, threatened him with death and imprisoned him for alleged attacks against the police.

"Two policemen took me by the waist, lowered my pants and took off my underwear. Then another one introduced his club into my anus," the young man declared to the prosecution, which has known hundreds of similar cases.​​​​​​​

"First aid volunteers and doctors, who assist at ​​​​the demonstrations in Santiago Chile, reported at least 80 persons were injured yesterday due to police repression, mostly by shotgun shots. This criminal behavior has left hundreds of people with ocular mutilations."

On Thursday, another Chilean court also ordered the arrest of five police officers who are accused of torturing a protester at the Ñuñoa Square during the curfew.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and other international organizations have denounced that the Chilean military police are involved in serious cases of human rights violations.

So far, the INDH has filed 943 complaints against security agents, of which 5 are for homicide, 750 for torture and 134 for sexual violence.

While the right-wing president Piñera has recognized the existence of "some specific abuses," his government continues to deny the existence of a systematic policy applied to attack the protesters, 24 of whom have died in episodes of police brutality.

The number of victims continues to increase. On Friday, while fleeing the police attack in downtown Santiago, a man died by electrocution after falling into a pit with water and electricity cables.

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