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Caravan Migrants Launch Hunger Strike at US Border

  • A migrant boy stands in a temporary in Tijuana, Mexico on Nov. 29, 2018.

    A migrant boy stands in a temporary in Tijuana, Mexico on Nov. 29, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Published 30 November 2018

Members of the migrant caravan have gone on hunger strike demanding an end to deportations and a faster asylum process.

Hundreds of Central American migrants — who have been sleeping outdoors since they arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, three weeks ago —  started a hunger strike Thursday. 

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"Since we have been heard just a little... we are going on a hunger strike... we ask the United States, with all our heart, please speed up the political asylum... so we can enter, work, and show that we are not criminals," Honduran Claudia Miranda said, during an impromptu press conference, which was held on a street and reported by Mexican media Animal Politico.

According to the Movimiento Cosecha, hunger strikers demand a stop to arbitrary, manipulated and involuntary deportations and to speed up the asylum-seeking process and publicly release the name of the deportees.

The striking migrants also asked that the incoming Mexican government provide a permanent solution for the refugees who want to stay in Mexico.

"Dirt, lice, and chicken pox: the harsh conditions in which caravan migrants live"

As a result of harsh immigration policies introduced by President Donald Trump, U.S. border officials say migrants may have to stay put in Mexico for months before they can petition the authorities.

The shelter in Tijuana has been, in fact, an outdoor space where low temperatures and rain have helped spread illness among migrants, including flu, lice, and chicken pox. According to the most recent registry, 520 girls, 548 boys, 1,147 women, and 3,877 men are explain campaigning.

The conditions of the migrants could improve the government of Mexico has enabled a second shelter in which 3,500 migrants would be staying indoors.

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