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Brazil’s Vice President Favors Torture, Admires Dictatorships

  • Brazil's Vice-President Hamilton Mourao is an admirer of dictatorship era and believes torture is justified.

    Brazil's Vice-President Hamilton Mourao is an admirer of dictatorship era and believes torture is justified. | Photo: Reuters

Published 3 February 2019

"Torture is a matter of war… War is war,” said the right-wing vice president of Brazil who also believes that the Venezuelan military will go against President Nicolas Maduro. 

Brazil’s Vice-President Hamilton Mourao, in an interview Friday spoke about a number of issues including the coup in Venezuela and his admiration for the dictatorship era in Brazil.


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Speaking to El Pais, Brazil's second-in-command said that far-right President Jair Bolsonaro relies on his advice and that they complement each other.

Both Bolsonaro and Mourao graduated from the Brazilian military academy two years apart. Mourao in 1975, and Bolsonaro in 1977.

Speaking on Venezuela, the vice-president emphasizes his warmongering views by theorizing on upon the intentions of Venezuela's Armed Forces, saying that the Bolivarian Armed Forces, despite all evidence to the contrary, even though they are currently in support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, will one day be a turncoat.

Fighting another futile war of a words, Mouro also believes that using the word "dictatorship" to call the period of dictatorship in Brazil (1964-1985), is “unfair.”

“In that period there was great economic progress in the country. Brazil was carried forward. We were a rural economy, a precarious industry, and in ten years we moved on to an industrialized country. At the same time, there was a Cold War confrontation that existed at that time. The Marxist and Leninist groups that existed in Brazil said they were facing the dictatorship, but were actually struggling to impose another dictatorship, the dictatorship of the communist system.”

He also spoke out again in favor of torture saying that "torture is a matter of war … War is war.” Regardless, Mourao felt the need in his interview to say that victims of torture made false claims of being tortured while people who really were tortured did not say anything.

The Brazilian vice president also had something to say on women in politics. “Where are the women who want to participate in politics? There are many who do not want to. It's complicated. Brazilian women have other interests.” Bolsonaro, for his part, was once quoted as saying that he wouldn't pay a woman for the same job as a man since "women get pregnant."

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