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Brazil's Last Presidential Debate Before The Elections

  • Last presidential debate in Brazil, before October's elections.

    Last presidential debate in Brazil, before October's elections. | Photo: Reuters

Published 4 October 2018

PT candidate Haddad said that "without democracy, there are no rights."

In Rio de Janeiro,  and televised by the Globo network, seven out of 13 presidential candidates are debating, for the last time and three days before Sunday's October 7 presidential elections first round. The debate is being mediated by William Bonner.

Brazil's Bolsonaro Accused Of Using Stabbing To Avoid Debate

Among those attending the debate are Fernando Haddad (Worker's Party - PT), Alvaro Dias (Podemos), Ciro Gomes (Democratic Labour Party - PDT), Geraldo Alckmin (Brazilian Social Democracy Party - PSDB), Guilherme Boulos (Socialism and Liberty Party - PSOL), Henrique Meirelles (Brazilian Democratic Movement - MDB) e Marina Silva (Network - Rede).

Alt-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro did not show up for the debate, telling TV Globo that he wouldn't attend the debate due to his health condition. The center-left presidential candidate Ciro Gomes accused far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro of lying about his health to avoid debating this Thursday in the last televised campaign debate. However, the far-right candidate will appear on TV in an interview on the rival network Record at the same time.

The debate is being divided into four theme blocks, where the candidates will explain their proposals and explain the policies they would use if the reach the Planalto Palace (presidential house in Brazil).

PT candidate Haddad said that "without democracy, there are no rights,"  recalling the importance of democracy for the country, against the military dictatorship which far-right candidate and former army captain Jair Bolsonaro has praised in several occasions.

Brazil Elections: Everything You Need To Know

PSOL candidate Guilherme Boulos warned about the far-right and U.S-backed military dictatorship (1964-1985), "f you (Brazilians) can vote on Sunday, it's because there were people who fought against the dictatorship. I do not want my daughters to grow up in a dictatorship. We must say: DICTATORSHIP NEVER AGAIN!"

MDB candidate Meirelles said that Jair Bolsonaro "is running away from the debate. He is hiding, he is not showing. He gave an interview in an absolute control situation, he doesn't face critics. A person like that has is under no condition to run a country."

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