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Brazilian Artists Lead Protests Demanding Direct Elections

  • A woman holds a signs reading,

    A woman holds a signs reading, "Out Temer," as she dances at a concert against Brazil's Michel Temer in Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 4, 2017. | Photo: Reuters

Published 4 June 2017

Several bands and artists performed free of charge to demand “Temer Out” and immediate democratic elections. 

Demands for direct elections and the ouster of senate-imposed president Michel Temer took place with music and a giant concert featuring various artists in Sao Paulo Sunday.

Corruption in Brazil

Organized by artists and cultural promoters, the mobilization in Sao Paolo took place one week after 150,000 people gathered for the same reasons in Copacabana beach in Rio, which was put together by the Popular Front of Brazil and People Without Fear.

Mano Brown, Maria Gadu, Pericles, Emicida, Criolo, Tulipa Ruiz, Otto, Simoninha, Chico Cesar and Pitty, were among the main artists that performed on the stage of the Largo da Batata, along with some of the more traditional bloc of the Paulista carnival.

In a note released in the evening, the carnival bloc Academicos do Baixo Augusta, one of the organizers of the event, denied rumors spread in the media alleging that social movements and political parties would be banned from participating.

“On the contrary: we find it fundamental it gives greater relevance to our mobilization the participation of all those who are aligned with the cause of the Direct Elections, including political parties, whose role is essential to the construction and defense of democracy,” the statement reiterated.

Following widespread mass protests, the initiation of a corruption investigation, and calls for his resignation, Temer continues to say that he will not be resigning from the presidency.

In response to escalating protests, Temer ordered the military out into the streets, with several dozen protesters injured as a result.

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