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'Temer Out' Major Concerts Becoming a Weekly Thing in Brazil

  • Milton Nascimento performs at the Rio concert demanding

    Milton Nascimento performs at the Rio concert demanding "Temer Out" and free, democratic elections. | Photo: EFE

Published 1 June 2017

On Sunday, several bands and artists will perform in Sao Paulo free of charge to demand “Temer Out” and free, democratic elections.

After a mass concert in Rio where over 150,000 converged to say “Temer Out” and demand free elections, another mass concert is set for Sao Paulo this coming Sunday.

Brazilians Fight for Democracy, Right-Wing Elites Clench Power

Several bands and artists will perform free of charge to demand, once again, “Temer Out” and immediate democratic elections. The event is scheduled to take place at the Largo da Batata.

Artists such as Emicida, Criollo, Mano Brown, Pericles, Tulipa Ruiz, Maria Gadu, Rael, Otto, Simoninha, Tarado Ni Voce, among others are scheduled to perform.

Independent carnival collectives will also perform at the concert. These groups include Arrastao dos Blocos, Agora Vai, Jegue Eletrico, Bloco Bastardo, Saia de Chita, Vai Quem Que, Cacique Jaragua, Pitbull Banguela, Treme Treme and others.

"It's impossible for carnival to exist without democracy and it's impossible to have democracy with the policies that this illegitimate government has underwritten. This is something that has greatly mobilized the carnival blocs so as to take action and make our space a voice for those who are outraged by the current situation," said Lira Alli, a member of Arrastao dos Blocos, one of the event organizers.

Corruption in Brazil

The organizers emphasized that the Brazilian Congress is rife with members involved in scandals and that none of them have the moral standing to “determine the future of the country.”

This past Sunday, artists such as Mart'nalia, Mano Brown, Bola Preta, Caetano Veloso, Teresa Cristina, Milton Nascimento and others, entertained hordes of people on Copacabana Beach while demanding an end to Temer's presidency and free, democratic elections.

Some of the artists modified song riffs to include the demand for free elections. Mart'nalia, for example, transformed the audience into a state of total delirium when she altered the lyrics of a number of sambas to include the phrase, “Temer Out.”

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