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Bolsonaro Wants to Believe Lula Will Not Win in the First Round

  • President Jair Bolsonaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sept. 24, 2022.

    President Jair Bolsonaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sept. 24, 2022. | Photo: EFE

Published 26 September 2022

The Brazilian president continues to insinuate that he will not respect the results of the October elections if they do not favor him.

On Sunday, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro stated that it is "impossible" for the Workers' Party candidate Lula da Silva to win the October 2 presidential election in a single round, despite voting intention polls saying that is the most likely result.


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"Will he win in the first round? I see it as difficult. No, it is not difficult. It is impossible. Impossible and full stop!" tweeted Bolsonaro, who has a disadvantage of between 10 and 15 percentage points with respect to Lula.

The former Capitan, who has repeatedly threatened to ignore the electoral results if they do not favor him, says that he "does not believe much" in surveys. Bolsonaro is sure that he will win in the first round because Lula "is not capable of mobilizing the people."

Over the last few months, Bolsonaro has been sowing suspicions about the legitimacy of the electoral authorities and the electronic voting system, which has been in operation for decades and allowed him to take office in 2019.

Brazilian democratic political forces have expressed concern about his narrative, which continues to insist that the elections will be respected by Bolsonaro as long as they are "clean and transparent."

The far-right President also attacked the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), which prohibited him from broadcasting live programs from official offices, such as the Planalto Palace in Brasilia.

"Could it be that the TSE knows where I am doing this live broadcast from?," Bolsonaro said ironically on Sunday, insinuating that he does not care about the orders of the electoral authorities related to the transparency of the political campaign.

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