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Bolsonaro To Set up a Washington Office To Buy US Weapons

  • A policeman points to a citizen walking in a poor neighborhood (favela), Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.

    A policeman points to a citizen walking in a poor neighborhood (favela), Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. | Photo: EFE

Published 27 August 2020

Brazil's Justice Minister Mendonca drew up a decree to execute this "money-saving" project.

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro will open a special office in Washington so his country can more easily buy U.S. weapons, ammunition, uniforms, vehicles, and other security equipment.


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The ordinance allowing this office is going through the final approval process in the Justice Ministry. According to the plan devised by the far-right government, Brazil is soon going to send its officers on a mission to begin the execution of the "pilot project".

Initially, Justice Minister Andre Mendonca, who is also a Presbyterian pastor, drew up a decree to have a permanent office in Washington. However, he decided to "run a test" before creating a definitive structure abroad, as reported by the O Globo journalist Bela Megale.

The idea of having a U.S. office to buy weapons is an old demand of the Federal Police, which argued that this option would allow the Brazilian state to save 40 percent on the acquisition of security equipment.

"Bolsonaro vetoes medical care to Indigenous people, Bolsonaro dismantles child abuse prevention programs, Bolsonaro undermines environmental policies, Bolsonaro allows one person to carry four weapons, etc. Wait, do you think Bolsonaro 'lost his restraint' when he threatened to break the face of an O Globe journalist."

For the moment, the temporary office will have representatives from the Federal Police, the Justice Ministry, and the Highway Police.

Besides purchasing security materials for these institutions, the Bolsonaro's Washington office will make purchases for sub-national police forces and will be in charge of arranging training courses for Brazilian officers.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the far-right Politician generated controversy when he argued again in favor of child labor, presenting it as a good thing so that young people do not get in trouble.

To justify his statements, the former Capitan recalled that his father forced him to work after school when he was a child.

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