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Bolsonaro Accuses Haddad of Using Roger Waters for Propaganda

  • Roger Waters during one of his latest shows in Zurich, Switzerland.

    Roger Waters during one of his latest shows in Zurich, Switzerland.

Published 26 October 2018

The Social Liberal Party demanded the Supreme Electoral Court investigate the Workers' Party for an alleged "caixa dos" case.

The Brazilian far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro accused the Workers’ Party (PT) of having a slush fund agreement with the company organizing the Roger Waters tour in the country and demanded the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) to make his adversary, Fernando Haddad, ineligible for Sunday’s run-off.


Sanders, Chomsky, Other Major Leftists Sign Declaration Against Fascism in Brazil

The former bassist of Pink Floyd has been playing in Brazil’s major cities as part of his “Us+Them” tour and, as usual, he is being very clear about his politics, calling Bolsonaro a fascist, supporting the ‘Ele Nao’ protest against him, and honoring the late Marielle Franco.

But what to Waters is a normal leg of his tour, is to Bolsonaro’s legal team a smear campaign orchestrated under an illegal financing scheme between the PT and Roger Waters’ promoters.

The lawyers are basing their accusations on a tweet by the Culture Ministry Sergio Sa Leitao, who has expressed his support to Bolsonaro, stating that Waters “received about 90 million reals to do an electoral campaign disguised as a show for the second round.”

“This is an illicit act called abuse of economic power practiced by the candidates Fernando Haddad and Manuela d’Avila and partners of the T4F Entertainment company,” said the lawyers, “as unlawfully taking advantage of a world-class artist’s image, Roger Waters…”

Bolsonaro’s team claims the PT is paying artists to support Haddad and bash the candidate of the Social Liberal Party (PSL), especially after singers, musicians, intellectuals and plastic artists recorded videos warning of him.

Waters has already performed in Sao Paolo, Brasilia, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro for crowds of around 40,000 people, and still has to play in Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

The rockstar is well known for his leftist inclinations, support of social movements and human rights, and his concerts always include very clear political messages according to the place he’s visiting.

It’s still unconfirmed if these concerts are always paid by leftists political parties around the world or if Waters uses such motives because that’s the way he is.

Bolsonaro and Haddad will face off next Sunday in the second round in a heated and highly polarized presidential election.

The right-wing candidate is a retired military officer who is running on neoliberal and pro- agenda. His opponent Haddad, who served as the mayor of Sao Paolo and an education minister under two leftist governments, is advocating for a progressive economic model that would favor social programs and wealth redistribution.

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