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Bolsonaro No-Show as Haddad Claims, 'People Do Not Fear Him'

  • Bolsonaro No-Show as Haddad Claims, 'People Do Not Fear Him.'

    Bolsonaro No-Show as Haddad Claims, 'People Do Not Fear Him.' | Photo: efeservicios

Published 26 October 2018

Jair Bolsonaro's physician claimed far-right candidate's drop in blood pressure meant he couldn't attend the crucial final round of debates, while Workers Party candidate Fernando Haddad criticized his adversary's no-show, claiming "He (Bolsonaro) disrespects society."


The second-round of the Brazilian election took place late Friday, and was inconspicuous by Jair Bolsonaro's absence.
Fernando Haddad, candidate of the Workers Party of Brazil, cut a lonesome figure as he calmly answered questions from local network TVE Bahia, after leading network Globo backed-out of the broadcast due to Bolsonaro's absence. 
Haddad opened by saying, "I’m disappointed by coming to a debate and having no adversary. He disrespects society, the Brazilians were hoping to listen to our proposals to lead the country.” He further stoked the fire by claiming, "People do not fear him. They fear what he represents - the violence, because he hates blacks, gays, women, and indigenous communities."
The Workers Party candidate came out all guns blazing ahead of this Sunday's election as he attempted to shift the votes, which are currently 48%-38% in favor of Bolsonaro, according to Datafolha, albeit after allegations that the Social Liberal Party leader paid for a smear campaign on Whatsapp. "I don't need 'fake news' against Bolsonaro to win the presidency of Brazil. He himself speaks against the people, against the black people, against women." 
Earlier this month, a petition was signed by scholars, celebrities, and government officals, declaring a vote of no-confidence of Bolsonaro. The petition was named the 'International Declaration Against Fascism in Brazil,' and the number of signees is in the thousands. 
In contrast to Bolsonaro's fascist views, Haddad argues that the Workers Party (PT) is the progressive direction the country needs. "The PT party was born from the base of a syndical movement. It was born rejecting any regime of force, regardless of its side. We're libertarians and egalitarians."
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