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Bolivia’s Morales Reiterates Plans for Universal Healthcare in 2018

  • The Bolivian leader urged all the doctors of the country to join the initiative.

    The Bolivian leader urged all the doctors of the country to join the initiative. | Photo: EFE

Published 1 January 2018

The new system will guarantee the right to health of all Bolivians.

Bolivian President Evo Morales said Monday that the country will soon have a new system of free medical care “for the people”.


Bolivia’s Morales Announces Call For Universal Healthcare Program ‘For The People’

The announcement was made when Morales delivered a sprinkler irrigation system in Sacaba, in the department of Cochabamba.

"Life is sacred and by the Political Constitution of the Plurinational State, now health is a fundamental human right, and we are going to implement this universal health insurance with the support of all the Bolivian people and we are ready," said the president.

Earlier this week, Morales had called for a meeting with the country’s social movements and institutions to gather input on the new model.

“We are going to debate with social movements, with institutions and all sectors to reach a new system where brothers and sisters can easily access (healthcare)”, Morales had said during a contract signing ceremony for a new hospital in the town of Coripata, at the Government Palace in north La Paz.

During that speech, the president reported that the country’s 2016-2020 social-economic development plan aims to achieve universal access to health, with 200 projects underway in order to achieve this.

During Monday’s address, the head of state evaluated the results of the country in 2017 and highlighted the implementation of potable water projects in different parts of the country and the “My Irrigation” program, which aims to strengthen the agricultural irrigation system and optimize production.

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