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Bolivia: Chamber of Deputies Approves "Guarantees Law"

  • The Deputies Chamber of Bolivia in full vote to pass the Law of Guarantees.

    The Deputies Chamber of Bolivia in full vote to pass the Law of Guarantees. | Photo: @Diputados_Bol

Published 6 December 2019

The president of the Chamber of Deputies of Bolivia, Sergio Choque, said that all the agreements established in the constitutional framework were fulfilled.

The Chamber of Deputies of Bolivia announced Friday the approval of the Law of Guarantees for the Full Exercise of Constitutional Rights, a project that seeks to avoid persecution and indiscriminate judicial prosecution against social leaders who staged protests against the coup d'état last Nov. 10.

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The president of the Chamber, Sergio Choque of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) declared that the project complies with the agreements signed by the Ministers of the Government, the Presidency and social organizations. However, the de facto government of Jeanine Añez immediately indicated that they will veto the initiative.

The chamber supported by the two-thirds majority of the MAS party passed the law amid warnings from conservative assembly members of the Democratic Unity Party, who showed their disagreement over what they say is a law that seeks to grant impunity to those who generated "violence" during the demonstrations carried out in the country.

The bill has yet to be approved by the Senate while supporters of the de facto government point out that the law also seeks to give impunity to Evo Morales, who  currently under asylum in Mexico after the coup perpetrated by the civic committees, the police and the military forces behind the elections of Oct. 20 which gave him the electoral victory.

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