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Biden for a New Political Approach Towards Cuba

  •  A man protected by a mask walks in front of a window painted with the Cuban flag, in one of the streets of Havana (Cuba).

    A man protected by a mask walks in front of a window painted with the Cuban flag, in one of the streets of Havana (Cuba). | Photo: EFE

Published 5 November 2020

Democrat Joe Biden supports a new U.S. approach to Cuba and called the current White House policy a total failure.

Former Vice-president and Democrat nominee Joe Biden has recently addressed the issue of Cuba and US relations and remarked that if he should win the Presidency of the United States, he will reverse Trump's policies toward the island.

Among his first measures will be the elimination of the restrictions on remittances and travel to the island. He also promised to address the existing migration program between the two countries, including the backlog of more than 20,000 visas that increased under the Trump administration.


Biden Campaign Criticizes New Measure Against Cuba Remittances

While Biden repudiates Trump's policies, the Republican's proposals are focused on tightening sanctions against Cuba. As a result, Trump claims that actions taken during his current administration have put the island's rulers in serious trouble.

During the last four years, the 60-year-long US blockade on Cuba has seen an unprecedented rise in coercive measures that seek to increase the pressure on the Cuban economy and international standing, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

His administration has tightened the economic, financial, and commercial blockade on Cuba: it blocked investments and trade with the island. It practically closed the recently inaugurated US embassy in Havana, after some mysterious "acoustic attacks" on its diplomats, never fully clarified. He returned Cuba to the list of countries that do not cooperate against terrorism, increased the deportation of Cuban asylum seekers, and has limited the channels for sending family remittances to the island.

Recently it has pushed for strangling the oil supply to the island and organized a worldwide campaign to discredit the globally recognized labor of Cuban doctors around the world, helping other countries fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump's recent victory in the State of Florida is a clear indication of how his policies have been received by the majority of Cuban Americans, who have long been Republican-leaning but began drifting toward the Democratic fold during Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaigns and Hillary Clinton’s run in 2016 when she blew Trump away in Miami-Dade.



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