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Argentine Teachers and Professors Begin National Strike

  • Police repress teachers in the province of Misiones, May 23, 2024.

    Police repress teachers in the province of Misiones, May 23, 2024. | Photo: X/ @recurso26170313

Published 24 May 2024

The budget cuts reflect President Javier Milei’s ideological hostility towards public education.

On Thursday, Argentine teachers and professors began a nationwide strike to demand better salaries and working conditions from President Javier Milei.


Argentine Public Media's Websites and Social Networks Suspended

"The conflict is far from being resolved as the central budgetary issue of Argentina, which is the salaries of teachers and administrative staff of the universities, is still pending," said Federico Montero, the secretary of the National Federation of University Teachers (CONADU).

"We have lost purchasing power due to inflation. We are the most affected sector among Argentine public employees. This is not coincidental but rather a result of Milei’s ideological and political hostility towards public universities, which have been generators of critical narratives," he added.

Teachers have not stopped protesting since Milei took office as president in December 2023. In recent days, their dissatisfaction became evident in demonstrations in Misiones and other provinces.

The text reads, "Escalation of tension in Misiones due to teacher claims. In the Argentine province of Misiones, the conflict between the local government and the teachers' union intensified. A group of teachers protesting for salary improvements was repressed by the security forces in the vicinity of the capital city, Posadas. The situation reflects the growing unrest in the region's educational sector due to the lack of an agreement on the union's demands."

Teachers and professors denounce that Milei has led Argentines to a situation similar to the crisis of the 1990s when President Carlos Menem implemented neoliberal measures.

"It’s déjà vu of what we already lived through, that is, educational disinvestment, persecution of popular leaders, and budget cuts for education. This is very sad and a great setback," said Sonia Alesso, the secretary of the Confederation of Education Workers of the Argentine Republic (CTERA).

"We had achieved many rights. This is a great setback for both Argentina and Latin America. That’s why we are standing and fighting. The strike is total as it encompasses the entire educational system," she added, specifying that this is the first unified strike against Milei.

Teachers are demanding a meeting of the parties to discuss an increase in the minimum salary and the reinstatement of the National Teaching Incentive Fund (FONID), which was eliminated by the far-right president in early March.

"We demand educational funding for universities and other institutions in the mandatory system. We demand the reinstatement of FONID and an increase in the compensation amount for inequalities," said Angelica Graciano, a CTERA leader.

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