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AMLO: Corruption "Is The Cancer That Is Destroying The Country"

  • Mexico's President-Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador talks to reporters before casting his vote in a public consultation.

    Mexico's President-Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador talks to reporters before casting his vote in a public consultation. | Photo: Reuters

Published 31 October 2018

The Mexican president-elect AMLO has called for "Zero Corruption, Zero Impunity."

Mexico's president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, commonly know as AMLO,  has stated that corruption and impunity will not be tolerated during his government, especially if it comes from comrades, friends or family.

Mexico President-Elect AMLO Says Will Scrap New Airport

"I am confident because I know that there will be no corruption from the higher spaces, there will be no traffic of influences. I will not allow corruption from anyone, my colleagues or my friends or my relatives, zero corruption, zero impunity," AMLO stated.

The president-elect, accompanied by Julio Scherer, future legal adviser to the Presidency, released the statement to unveil the new law for public trust. This new law, accounting for the civil responsibility against corruption, consists in suspending the surveillance and supervision of commercial, commercial and service establishments, in order to eliminate "white collar corruption," that is extorting several entrepreneurs, as AMLO said. 

"We are going to understand ourselves on the basis that we are entering a new stage without corruption. Corruption and impunity are ending because I believe that this is the opinion of millions of Mexicans, that this is the cancer that is destroying the country," the president-elect highlighted.

AMLO said that Mexico, starting with his government, is going to be reborn, becoming a force to be reckoned with, based on economic growth and employment generation. He said on Monday that his government would follow the results of a referendum where voters called for ditching a partly-built US$13 billion new airport for Mexico City (NAIM).

According to AMLO's statement, "Mexico holds the 135th place in corruption in an International Transparency Evaluation, I think that out of 170 evaluated countries. Very soon Mexico will become one of the most honest countries."

Lopez Obrador, who takes office on Dec. 1, won a landslide victory in July on his third attempt to win the presidency. He had alleged widespread voting fraud had sabotaged his previous bids.

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